LOCAL IS LEKKER: Noot Vir Noot on SABC2, 7pm

Jinne, but it’s mos flippen nice to have our old friend Johan Stemmet back with us again! Having an all-new Noot Vir Noot back on a Thursday evening is so nice, nuh.

Sharing the living room with Johan, and having a jol with the games and tunes. And the artists are kwaai!

Last week he had local boytjies Emo en Loukmaan Adams - so don’t miss it tonight, on SABC2 at 7 pm, to see who is kapping the high notes.

TBT mense, catch Throwback Thursday, SABC1 at 7.30 pm, for the week that was in skinner, social media happenings, and movers and shakers.

And if you smaak that kind of vibe, head to SABC3 at 8.30 pm for The Scoop as Khanyi Mbau gives you the news and gossip you need to know about the film, fashion, music and entertainment industry.

In the late night e.tv fliek Trucker, a long-distance female truck driver who does what she wants and goes where the wind takes her, is forced to change her ways when she suddenly needs to take over the care of her 11-year-old son after his daddy ends up hospital.

Catch the drama at 11 pm.

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