GOOD GUY: Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 3

Get your Wacky Wednesday on and settle on the couch for a classic skop-skiet-and-donner movie from 10 years ago: Mission Impossible 3, starring onse favourite pretty boy action hero Tom Cruise. Agent Ethan Hunt is back to his old tricks, so expect moerse baie action as Hunt takes on the baddest baddie out there, Owen Davian. 

Don’t miss it, at 8.30pm. Lekker djy!
If all that action sounds exhausting, rather check in with Hillside se mense (7de Laan, SABC2 at 6pm) as Alexa takes control of her life and makes a few very important decisions. Meanwhile, Amorey and Willem are happier than ever - but how long will it last?

And whatever you do, don’t miss this week’s episode of Mamello - you can only catch it on SABC2 at 9.30pm. Never seen it? Well here’s the low-down, Keneilwe and Patrick love teaching, love each other and love life - together they try and educate the youth in their community. The kwaai thing about Mamello is that it’s a drama series that covers such relevant topics such as child-headed households, drugs and gangs, rape, and teenage pregnancies. Miss it, and you’ll surely be missing out.

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