Contestants are finding to harder and harder to get through challenges. CREDIT: Sourced
It's Survivor Monday, whoohoo! Get your butt in front of the TV at 8.30pm on SABC3 for Survivor: Blood vs Water. It’s Episode 4 and already the mense are struggling on the island.


Redemption Island is taking its toll and one of the dik ding castaways misses out on finding the immunity idol, and a married couple have a moerse fight.

Need some laughter in your life? Switch to SABC3 at 8pm for The Office, where Michael gets his co-workers gesuip at a Krismis party, and they get moerig about their Secret Santa gifts.

What’s up with Lucy? The sassy shebeen queen is all over the show when she falls for an old flame - and her brother’s not going to be happy about her new berk. Boetie Cosmo’s going to freak out when he realises she’s jolling with her ex-lover, Jack. Hier kom moeilikheid, mense! And what about Namhla? Jack doesn’t know he’s her daddy.


But Jack also doesn’t recognise his ou stukkie, Lucy.

Yoh! Lucy’s in love, ain’t no stopping her now. Tune into Generations - The Legacy, at 8pm on SABC1 for all the soapie madness.