MIN GESPIN: Bonang Matheba
It’s tough being famous and it’s even tougher being Bonang Matheba.

The 28-year old presenter is on the cover of the July issue of Marie Claire and has opened up about dealing with bullies on social media.

She says: “Every single word in the world that you can think of, I’ve been called. I’ve encountered the worst. The very worst.”

But the Revlon model says these days she’s stronger than ever.

“If this past six months had happened to me six years ago, I would be broken. I would be on the floor at my mother’s house, weeping, on a drip, using an asthma pump. I would be finished. Now it’s water off a duck’s back,” she tells the mag.

Her online haters became more vocal when DJ Zinhle published a blog post claiming Bonang is the reason she split from her baby daddy AKA.

But Queen B says she’s “mastered the art of silence” and doesn’t respond to hate mail on social media.

“I have gone through the worst pain: an ex-boyfriend having a child with someone else during our relationship. Being beaten. Being cheated on. Being embarrassed on social media numerous times. I am not combative. I don’t enjoy arguments. I don’t like to fight. I am a very peaceful soul,” she says.

She jetted to New York yesterday for work and told fans she won’t be on Afternoon Express or Metro FM for the next two weeks.

She tweeted: “I’m off radio from tomorrow until June 30th!! Apologies... I’ll be in NYC and LA during this time.”