Janez Vermeiren warns of the dangers of trampolines.
Hunky TV presenter Janez Vermeiren says he nearly paralysed his son after a freak accident on a trampoline.

On Saturday Janez was playing with his two-year-old son Vincent on the trampoline when he “double bounced and he flew into the air and landed on the ground,” says the presenter.

Janez, who celebrated his 38th birthday yesterday, tells the Daily Voice: “He shot up about my head height. I know you’re not supposed to move someone after such a fall, but I carefully lifted him and took him to hospital.”

He says the Joburg hospital was “just five minutes away” but then he got stuck in traffic.

The Man Cave producer and presenter says he panicked and cried as he struggled to get through the traffic jam.

“At the ICU they did the brain and neck scans and the whole time I waited I was panicking,” Janez says.

His son was discharged from hospital the next day and is now wearing a neck brace, and luckily suffered no serious injuries.

Janez says he never wants any parent to experience what happened to him and his little boy.

“The lesson here is that adults should not be on trampolines with kids. You know we buy these things but we must be very careful how we use them,” Janez says.