TIGHT-LIPPED: The lively Somizi

The TV personality was interviewed on Anele Mdoda’s Real Talk show and he remained tight-lipped when asked about his wedding plans.

A ring was reportedly noticed on his finger, but Somizi only gave vague responses.

He did admit to being in a relationship and that his wedding would be a destination venue.

“Somewhere very far. A 26-hour flight. Like Bora Bora,” Somizi said.

He said he was choosing an expensive venue so that film crews and people he didn’t really want there couldn’t attend.

When Anele asked him if he was happy, Somizi got shy, saying: “I’m fine.”

Anele: “How long have you been together?”

Somizi: “With who?

Anele: “The person who is sharing the lamb with you.”

Somizi: “Haai man, Anele man.”

But if he’s stom about his wedding plans, Somizi didn’t mince words about his success.

He admitted that while he bought his house cash, he had once had a car repossessed.

“The more richer I become, the more I have so much to lose.”

When Anele said he is the most famous person in South Africa at the moment, Somizi agreed... humbly.

“You are correct. When you walk into a room and anyone, no matter their race, age and sexuality they go gaga, then you know.”

But he admitted that between 2006 and 2009 times were tough.

“I ain’t going back there. Nevar. Evar. In the name of Jesus. I had one car repossessed, but I have never been careless. I had to sell my house and use the money to rent.”