SA singing duo Die Antwoord

After complaining about Hollywood “jocking” their style, Die Antwoord has been accused of being the original copycats.

But the controversial duo has shown their haters the middle finger and said “tbh (to be honest) we don’t give a f***”.

Last week, the duo complained that director David Ayer stole their style in the new movie Suicide Squad.

They claim he contacted them, allegedly to discuss the characters of Harley Quinn and The Joker, who they say look suspiciously like them.

But the response on social media was that Yolandi Visser and Ninja are the original fakers and have been stealing coloured culture for jare.

@simmiareff tweeted: “Has Ninja claimed Wayde van Niekerk as a part of Die Antwoord yet?”

Even musician JR put in his five cents, and slammed Die Antwoord for “exploiting SA black culture”.

Unfazed by all the criticism, Ninja said on Instagram: “”tbh [to be honest] we don’t give a f***, we just keep dat [that]nxt [next] s*** gushing, but step correct or u [you] gonna get stomped.”

And Yolandi says when it comes to musical influence, there are no holy cows.

“All dese [these] things influenced me as I grew up. I make songs about what's around me....there is so many different fresh styles, sounds, slang and flava in South Africa that the world hasnt seen. Die Antwoord is only a small slice of da [w]hole spectrum.”