LAUGH OUT LOUD: AKA, Terrence and Taraji in Jozi.
LAUGH OUT LOUD: AKA, Terrence and Taraji in Jozi.
PROMOTE: Terrence and Taraji with AKA.
PROMOTE: Terrence and Taraji with AKA.
RAP: AKA revs up excited crowd.
RAP: AKA revs up excited crowd.
Daily Voice had the chance to rub shoulders with Hollywood royalty as Empire stars Taraji P Henson and Terrence Howard landed in South Africa.

The two had fans screaming yesterday as they arrived in Joburg to promote the third season of their hit show on DStv.

The pair play on-screen lovers and music record label moguls Cookie and Lucious on the award-winning show, which is available to subscribers on the Fox Channel in SA.

And they brought that same chemistry to the press conference, referring to each other as Cookie and Lucious. The presser was hosted by local rapper, AKA, who also entertained reporters and fans with a performance.

Taraji, who plays the glamorous and outspoken ex-convict Cookie Lyon, says she and her character are as different as night and day.

“We are very different, I let Cookie do the talking for me, she is my Sasha Fierce,” she told reporters at a press conference.

“She is also quick-witted, I can’t keep up with her, I get home exhausted.”

Asked if she thought Cookie would ever get back together with Lucious Lyon, she laughs and says they are “toxic together”.

“I think they are better separate, they should love each other from afar.”

This is the actress’ first visit to the continent and she recently discovered her African roots.

“Shortly before coming here I discovered that from my grandmother’s side we were from Cameroon, so this is a homecoming for me,” says the 45-year-old.

The single mom is in SA with her 22-year old son, and will be releasing her tell-all biography in October.

The handsome Terrence, 47, says it was all thanks to Taraji that he’s on the show, after she told producers she wouldn’t do it without him.

And he says his most memorable role was when he played former President Nelson Mandela alongside Jennifer Hudson.

“The opportunity to walk in that man’s footsteps for six months was incredible,” said Howard.

“To portray a man who stayed in prison for so many years without raising his child, with the opportunity to go to them if he could renounce the ANC but he refused and chose to raise a nation instead.”

The Hollywood stars will be in Johannesburg for the rest of the week to meet and greet fans.