EARTH FRIENDLY: David and Victoria

Or maybe the Cape Town water crisis has migrated to England, but David and Victoria Beckham will reportedly use recycled waste water in their new swimming pool, to avoid using chemically treated liquid.

The former Spice Girl and the retired England soccer star have reportedly submitted a planning application to build a swimming pool on the grounds of their new country mansion in the Cotswolds, which they bought earlier this year.

But the pool won’t be filled with chemically treated water, as they are believed to be using a “natural bio-filtration system” to clean the recycled waste water from their house, which will be reused in the pool.

A source reportedly said David, 42, and Victoria, 43, made the decision after realising that getting rid of chemically treated water would not be great for the environment.

The source said: “David and Victoria have decided they want a pool free from chemicals. They think it will be much better for them and the environment.

“Obviously the idea of swimming around in recycled waste water isn’t a very appealing one. But some of their famous pals have already signed up for similar swimming pond systems.

“They have decided that the benefits outweigh the negatives - even if Victoria might wrinkle her nose at first.”

The mansion is made up of three barns, joined together by connecting buildings, and reportedly cost £6 million (R103m).

Wonder how they'll flush those 10 bathrooms or water their apple orchard.