DELICIOUS: Creamy chicken corn soup


45ml butter 

1onion, finely chopped

5ml crushed garlic

250g chicken breast, cubed

1 x 410g tin sweet corn, creamstyle

1 litre milk 

250ml water

5ml white pepper

5ml salt

30ml corn flour

2 celery sticks, chopped

1 tub fresh cream


Heat butter in a large pot and melt. Add the onion and braise till golden.

Braise the chicken with onion over moderate heat for 5-7 minutes.

Add sweetcorn, milk, water and seasoning.

Combine corn flour with a little water to make a thin paste. Pour into soup and stir until it has thickened.

Add chopped celery and bring to fast boil for 5 min.

Lower heat and simmer and pour fresh cream and gently stir through.

Serve as desired.

Recipe: Shanaaz Parker