CREDIT: Twitter

Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber thrilled fans at a concert at a packed Cape Town stadium on Wednesday night.

Excited “Belieber” fan, 12-year-old Nicky-Lee McGpieun, told the African News Agency ahead of the show that she couldn’t wait to see Bieber perform as she loves his songs.
“My grandpa bought us tickets after Christmas and I am excited.”

Her mother Justine Blake said she was also excited. “It doesn’t matter who the artist is – just being here is an experience as during apartheid we couldn’t experience something like this.”

Felow fan, Yazeed Samodien, 27, said he bought his tickets just days before the concert and couldn’t wait as he had missed Bieber’s first concert in the city four years ago.

After the opening acts by Aeowon Wolf and Sketchy Bongo, Bieber took to the stage and delivered hits from his Purpose album, including Sorry and Purpose, as well as his record-breaking hit Baby.