DIVA DEMANDS: Pearl made crew strip to calm her nerves.
It must be nerve-wracking to be an actor in a sexy bedroom scene.

Not the vrying part, but all the cameras, lights and crew focused on you, expecting you to “perform”.

Some acting coaches advise to just pretend everyone in the room is naked, as a way to get rid of the nerves.

But not South African actress Pearl Thusi - she likes to take things one step further.

When she was filming a sex scene for the new movie Catching Feelings, she made everyone in the room strip.

One of the crew members posted a picture on Instagram of seven ouens standing with their backs to the cameras, wearing only their underwear.

Having so many topless guys in one room obviously relaxes Pearl, 28, because she was then able to film the scene.

Motheo Moeng, the Johannesburg-based cinematographer who posted the pic, says: “When you shooting a sex scene and Actress @pearlthusi demands that all crew be semi naked too so everyone is comfortable. We having way to Mchunu fun on this movie.”

The movie is the directorial debut of local comedian Kagiso Lediga, and is described as a dark romantic comedy.

But even before it is released next year, Pearl will be working on another project, billed as the next “Hollywood hit”.

She has been cast in The Blue Mauritius, and plays a sexy thief who rides a motorbike and steals valuable stamps for a mysterious boss based in Mauritius.

There’s no word yet of any sexy scenes in that movie, but the crew better had be prepared to bare all.