SCANDALOUS: Catch High Rollers on tonight at 7.30pm.
Catch up on your local stories tonight. Here’s what you can look forward to:

High Rollers, 7.30pm at SABC3, is steaming up with Analine and Paul who confronted their feelings and now they’re having one very sexy, secret affair.

There’s just a few things standing in the way of their true love - like for example the fact that Analine is married to Paul’s d*** of a brother.

Today she packs her bags and sends dear David the divorce papers, but he’s not sommer going to leave things as is - he wants his share of the casino!

Sjoe, Ma’Mazibuko, Nkonzo’s mammie in Ashes To Ashes, is one scary lady!

She visits her son in the tjoekie and promises to finish what he started.

Scary stuff! She’s literally going to dig up some answers and heads for the Namanes, like some kind of milly bone collector.

She also has another trick up her sleeve - muti. Don’t miss Ashes To Ashes, 8pm on

And if you’re a Fixer fan, you should know it’s on SABC3 at 9pm this evening.

Sally makes a big announcement, and Olivia steps in as Fitz’s new campaign manager.