GROOT: Georgina showing a baby bump at the beach

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend is showing a baby bump.

And the gorgeous Georgina Rodriguez has been pictured rubbing her belly while the cute couple are on holiday in Ibiza, Spain.

If she’s met die lyf, then Ronaldo laat nie op hom wag nie. He’s just become a baby daddy - via surrogate again - to girl-boy twins named Eva Maria and Mateo on 8 June.

His firstborn, Ronaldo Junior, was also conceived via a surrogate.

The Real Madrid star, 32, was spotted with the brunette beauty, a former Prada sales assistant, in Ibiza on Saturday.

In a series of pictures, Georgina, 22, said to be a model, is seen holding onto her belly.

The multi-coloured bikini she’s sporting shows her belly and a striped maxi dress appears to emphasise her growing bump too.

There have been many reports that the couple could be expecting their first child together.

A source recently told a Portuguese newspaper: “They are very happy with the arrival of the baby.

“Everyone adores Georgina and are satisfied with this relationship.”

The twins’ birth certificates, which have been filed publicly, only contain part of Ronaldo’s surname (“Dos Santos” as opposed to “dos Santos Aveiro”, which is Cristiano’s full last name), but in the court register their case is classed under the surrogacy category.

While Cristiano is listed on the birth certificates as the twins’ father, their mother has been left off.

The twins were born at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in the Californian town of La Mesa, which lies just 30km from the Mexican border and is near San Diego.

Eva was born first at 9.07am with her brother following a minute later, the newspaper reports.