LEADING LADY: Annabelle Wallis stars in 'The Mummy'

It’s a Mission Impossible finding Tom Cruise in Hollywood  because’s he’s here in southern Africa.

The Top Gun actor is Namibia along with a handful of other stars to film the reboot of The Mummy.

The first movie, in 1992, starred South African star Arnold Vosloo, who lives in America.

Namibian newspapers speculated that Tom is staying at the same lodge Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt stayed at when they travelled to Namibia in 2006, when Angie gave birth to Shiloh.

Sexy actress Annabelle Wallis, star of the series Peaky Blinders, confirmed on social media that Tom and the rest of the crew are based in Swakopmund and filming in the desert.

The British babe plays Jenny Halsely in The Mummy remake and was the first cast member to give a sneak peek into the desert movie set.

She shared a picture of herself, Tom and Courtney B. Vance and Jake Johnson during a break in filming.

Everyone was wearing military uniforms, although the script and storyline of the new movie is still a big secret.

There’s also no word yet of the hunky Russell Crowe who signed up to be in the fliek.

The crew is having a fun time quad biking on the sand dunes in Swakopmund.

The last Hollywood blockbuster that was filmed in the Namibian desert was Mad Max: Fury Road starring Charlize Theron.

Fans can expect to see the new The Mummy movie on the big screen in July next year.