Olivia's mom says she's a glorified maid

Some mothers just can’t seem to be proud of their daughters.

En jinne, the relationship between Olivia and her mom is woes (The Fixer, SABC3 at 9pm).

Things get even uglier when Olivia’s mammie tunes her she’s just cleaning up other people’s messes, and that this makes her a glorified maid. Hayibo!

And that’s not the only moeilikheid Olivia is facing - her and Rowan’s attempt to shut down B613 leave Fitz vulnerable to a bomb plot.

Good grief, Azwindini seems to think he’s Jacob Zuma... this ou is looking for a fifth wife (Muvhango, SABC2 at 9pm).

But when he spends some time alone with his potential new bride, he doesn’t smaak what he finds.

Meanwhile, Vusi seems to have made it through after being drugged by Onika, and Rendani blames herself for what happened.

Speaking of weddings, in Generations - The Legacy (SABC1 at 8pm), Karabo decides to take the bull by the horns and make an effort in her huwelik.

More soapie shocks in 7de Laan (SABC2 at 7pm), where Vince can’t believe what he hears from Gita.

En wie dink Vanessa is sy, she maaks geraas because she wants everything done her way.