Entertainer Emo Adams

Jou Show Met Emo celebrated a milestone last week when Emo Adams recorded the 200th episode of his popular show.

Among the special guests were his brother Loukmaan Adams and theatre legend David Kramer.

Jou Show started on kykNet in 2008 and Emo says way back things were slow to pick up.

He says: “kykNET was only looking for a continuity presenter. That’s when we decided to shoot a promo for them which featured Boeta Gamat and Boeta Joe of Joe Barber and that promo became the first episode to go out.”

The show is not just a talk show, Emo plays games with his guests, often through the grappies, viewers learn new things about mense on his show.

Asked who his favourite guest was, Emo says: “There has been quite a few over the years, people that I know and some that I always wanted to meet. I think the success of this platform is it doesn’t matter who you are on this show, we all the same.”

But there’s still some mense he’d like to interview.

“Hell yeah, people like Nataniel, Casper De Vries, Gareth Cliff, Bishop Tutu, sjoe daar is baie,” says Emo.

He says it’s “impossible” to pinpoint his favourite moment, “but on the last show they tried to prank me with an 8 foot snake ek het my in my moer geskrik!”

He adds: “I for one didn’t know the show would be so successful eight years later. We’ve had concept changes, set changes, style changes. The only thing that remained the same is me as presenter and the amazing team that supports me at Homebrew Films and KYKNET.”