MEET: George Benson with Mayor Patricia de Lille.

Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille had a jol at the George Benson concert on Friday night at Grandwest.

De Lille could be seen jiving along as Benson performed all his hits from yesteryear.

She also got a chance to meet him up close and in persoon.

The Mayor says: “It was wonderful to meet him. He is such a humble person, he loves Cape Town and Table Mountain.”

She says she’s a big Benson fan and saw him live 30 years ago: “I have been a fan of his music for many years. I remember going to watch him at the Good Hope Centre in 1984. I still remember that concert very clearly.”

De Lille even tweeted: “George Benson my all-time favourite the greatest love of all the best song!”

She tells the Daily Voice: “This has always been my favourite song of his because of the words. It talks about our children; it talks about values and dignity. During the struggle that song meant so much to me and it still does because of the lyrics.”

The Mayor says there’s one more artist on her bucket list who she’d like to meet and that is Stevie Wonder.