BRAVE: The Bang Bang Club, at 8.30pm

The Bang Bang Club. The who and what? The Bang Bang Club - a group of proudly South African photographers and photojournalists who actively worked in the townships of South Africa between 1990 and 1994, during the transition from the apartheid system to one of democracy. Black on black violence, white on black violence, infighting between the ANC and IFP, name it and it was there.

These manne risked their lives and used their cameras to tell the whole world of the violence racing through post-apartheid South Africa. Tune in tonight to watch this small part of history, and learn something about your wonderful country - at 8.30pm.

Sounds too serious? Well then check out the beat of a different drum with Rhythm City, at 7pm, where Andiswa turns to an unlikely source for protection, and Lungile paaps when Bongi finds out about the jollery.

On SABC1 at 8pm you can catch Generations: The Legacy. Tshidi decides to up her game and Lesedi is hot property, while Mrekza shows off his new girl.