BIESAG: Check out 7de Laan, SABC2 at 6pm

In 7de Laan (SABC2 at 6pm), it seems the people can’t stay out of each other’s lives.

Mariaan sticks her nose into other people’s business, and Amorey eavesdrops when Connie opens up towards Petro. Skaam julle!

In Rhythm City ( at 7pm), Puleng is still struggling with post-natal depression. And it seems there’s more bad news coming, because Niki and Suffo agree that he needs to divorce Puleng.

From down to up, up and away – Lungile and Bongi vat die pad New York toe.

If you are still up at 9pm, tune to SABC2 for Muvhango, where the Nonny versun Bongi situation comes to fever pitch. The jealous Nonny makes the poor new receptionist sweat.

Still wakker, then you might as well watch A Rage in Harlem at 10.30pm on The fliek is about a sexy black gangster’s moll who flees to Harlem with a load of gold.

But the rest of the gang are on her trail.

It’s an old movie from back in 1991, and stars famous mense like Forest Whitaker and Danny Glover.