NIGHTMARISH: Kendall Jenner, 21

The supermodel, 21, spent a reported $6.5 million (R87m) on the home, which she reportedly “believes to be jinxed” after coming face-to-face with a stalker inside and losing $200 000 (R2.7m) of jewellery in a burglary.

     CUT TIES: R87m West Hollywood joint

An unknown buyer has picked up the modern pad as Kendall cuts ties to the dream home that ended up becoming a nightmare, reports TMZ.

The catwalk queen purchased the home from previous owners John Krasinski and Emily Blunt in June 2016.

In March, $200 000 of jewellery went missing from the mansion during a heist.

Kendall called the police when she heard a sound, but cops came to inspect and didn’t find anyone in the home who wasn’t supposed to be there, prompting speculation it was an inside job.

Just two months after buying the mansion, a fan was arrested for waiting for Kendall outside her gate.