BIRTHDAY SUIT: Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry on beach holiday

Orlando was out in full...ahem... Bloom while on holiday with his girlfriend Katy Perry.

On Tuesday, paparazzi caught Orlando, 39, with his pants down while the couple were paddle boarding on the Italian coast.

The Pirates of the Caribbean hunk was in his birthday suit while Katy was more modestly dressed in a skimpy bikini as the two paddled to the beach, unaware that the cameras were watching them.

But the lovebirds should have known that they would be spotted because the beach was vol and there were a lot of mense enjoying the sunshine, begging the question: is Orlando just a shameless exhibitionist putting his penis on show?

The Daily News posted the kaal pictures of Bloom on its website, showing him on the beach with his shorts in the one hand standing naked.

Although the original shots had Bloom’s private parts blocked out, Twitter users had loads of fun making memes of Bloom’s member.

In one meme, a shadow of his tollie is photoshopped on his leg and on another one, flowers are bursting out of his crotch towards Katy.