ON THE CASE: Patrick Jane in 'The Mentalist' at 8pm.
When it comes to slimkoppe, there’s one man that stands out above the rest - Patrick Jane in The Mentalist (SABC3 at 8pm).

Although, it seems like for someone who always finds a solution to problems he never solves the stuff that matters.

Jane and Lisbon are still trying to beat Tommy Volker, but the ou is always one step ahead of them.

Obviously! He is getting all his information from an informant at the CBI station.

Drugs and alcohol are a problem for onse mense. Actually, it’s a problem all over the world.

In the new show My Dysfunctional Family, family counsellor Dave Vitalli is called in to help parents with troubled teens.

It might be an American show, but there are issues that parents across the globe face. Worth a watch.

Don’t you wish there were more movies during the week, and not on the pay channels?

If you’re in the mood for a fliek, you’ll have to stay up until 10.30pm and tune into e.tv for Wild Things.

It’s an old one (thanks e.tv), maar dis lekker sexy.

Lekkerlyf Denise Richards plays teenager Kelly, who tries to seduce her hunky guidance counsellor. But when she fails she cries rape, igniting a scandal that results in his arrest.