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Gatvol of queuing for your drinks at bars?

The guys at Monkey Shoulder canvassed experienced bar staff to find out the secrets of reducing the waiting time for your precious drink.

Shaun Stemmett, brand manager for Monkey Shoulder, the world’s only triple malt Scotch whisky, says that these tips are going to be especially helpful on Saturday, 20 May, better known as World Whisky Day.

Don't whistle at the bar staff. It's rude.

Ignore your friends until you get your drink

Make things easier for the barman. Bringing back your empty glasses may win you favour.

Looks do get you far in life. Well, at the bar: Stand out from the crowd: if you’re tall or wear a distinctive hat you’ll have an advantage.

Stand up for your rights: it’s OK to say that the person next to you pushed in, bar staff like to be fair.

A little charm goes a long way Be charming.