Reality TV star Lexi van Niekerk said no to Mandla

Mandla has finally popped the big question – but to everyone’s great shock, sexy Lexi said no to her millionaire berk!

In Wednesday’s episode of the reality show Mandla & Lexi, the 2014 Big Brother winner opened up a ring box and asked Lexi van Niekerk to marry him.

But in a surprise move, the 28-year-old former call centre agent and Big Brother contestant turned him down.

The couple have been dating for two years, since they met in the Big Brother house.

Lexi even changed homes from the Kaap to Johannesburg and moved in with Mandla after the show.

This is the second season of their reality show and fans saw in numerous trailers that Mandla was planning to propose, and almal thought Lexi would say yes.

When the show was klaar on Wednesday night, Lexi was confronted by disappointed fans on Twitter.

@misstj_01093 tweeted: “I realy dont understand people, if I’m correct Lexi was the first to propose to Mandla and he said whats the issue now that she said NO.”

Lexi responded: “You’ll never understand them!”

And when @MyPule_ tweeted to Lexi: “Your inner 98% wishes you had a rich guy shem..... askies. Make better choices next time. Not sex on TV for fame,” the reality star got angry and said: “I’ve accepted it. Clearly you haven’t! And I’m making wayyyyy more money than your hurt ass...”

The show does go on, though, and fans will be waiting to see what happens next.

Mandla & Lexi is on every Wednesday at 8pm on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161).