EXECUTE: Agent 47 on the job.

Hitman Episode 3 is like the first two levels – it’s still daft, inventive, gamey fun, but you have a more legitimate reason to bump off the bad guys. Your targets are a corrupt Swedish businessman, Claus Strandberg, and Reza Zaydan.

As if you needed further motivation, you’re shown exactly why these people have to die; not just in the obvious stuff, such as angry protests outside the Swedish embassy, or horrendous civil rights violations, but also in the details.


Mense crowd around TV screens, silently worrying about the political situation, while |others try to ignore it, carrying on their daily business exactly as they would in real life.

It’s a bright, varied, reactive playground, which feels like it existed before Agent 47’s |murderous incursion, and will continue to exist once he’s popped off to kill his next victim.