FUN FLOWER: Magic Blooms.
Remember those singing blommetjies we all used to love in Wielie Walie back in the day? 
Well, now there’s a new toy that will keep your laaities entertained for hours. 
The Magic Bloom flowers can sing, dance and create fun wherever they go. 

The flowers go for just over R200 and all you have to do is simply tap the base and your flower will sing and dance, moving its petals and mouth as it plays.  
Put on your own music and your Magic Bloom will dance to the music, or record your own voice so you can have a jamming session together. 
These charming Magic Blooms are accessorised with an oulike watering can, so if your flower looks a little thirsty, use the watering pot to activate your adorable pal who will happily giggle and sing. 

You can even create your very own choir by collecting other Magic Blooms friends that will automatically interact with one another using duidelik ultrasonic communication.
The blossoms come in a variety of beautiful designs and rainbow colours, with over 15 songs built-in for endless magical fun. 
This is a great gift idea for your girl child and nieces. Available at