EXCITED: Paxton’s mom, Chrystal, and family dream of being in Gauteng for final

The Bishop Lavis community is getting behind their idol Paxton Fielies, and is going all out to support her from afar on Sunday, when she will be battling out in the finals of Idols SA.

Bishop Lavis Action Community (BLAC) is planning a family fun day, where residents can watch the little songbird do her thing on the big screen.

Meanwhile, Paxton’s mom Chrystal is praying for a miracle - in the form of a plane ticket - to go and watch her 17-year-old daughter live in Carnival City in Joburg.

The proud mom has been to Jozi twice to see Paxton perform - thanks to generous donations from her family - but they’ve been struggling to come up with the R1900 for a plane ticket this week.

PLEA: Bronvin Ockhuis, Elvina Manho and Victor Altensteadt

Paxton’s aunt, Bronvin Ockhuis, tells the Daily Voice that the family is trying to scrape together money to get Chrystal to the finals.

“We are nine people living on the property, Paxton’s mom lives in a Wendy house next to my Wendy house, where I live with my daughter and husband,” Bronvin explains.

“In the main house is where Paxton, my mother, my sister and her husband stay. Between the nine of us, only Paxton’s mom and my husband are the breadwinners.

“Chrystal is struggling to raise funds for a return flight to watch Paxton perform in the final on Sunday.

“Her ticket costs R1900 if we book it before Thursday, after Thursday the cost would be much more and she won’t be able to afford it at all.

“We are three relatives who want to go watch her, but we can’t afford the flight costs.”

The Grade 11 pupil at Belhar High School for the Arts will go head to head with Mthokozisi Ndaba in Sunday’s final.

BLAC is a group of concerned residents who came together three months ago in a bid to curb gangsterism in Lavistown.

Secretary Victor Altensteadt says Paxton has become a beacon of hope for her community.

“Bishop Lavis is a community paralysed by gang violence. We need some positive news, Paxton is the hope for our community and we are proud of her achievement,” he says.

“But we do rely on sponsorship to help us pull off this event in her honour. Provincial government has promised to give us a big screen, stage and toilets.”

VYING FOR CROWN: Paxton Fielies is in Idols SA 2017 final

Bronvin says she has a close relationship with Paxton.

“I used to look after her when her mother had to work. She never really expressed herself verbally, but wrote everything down into songs. My desire is to see her achieve her dreams,” the aunty says.

If you would like to help Paxton’s family get to the finals, call Bronvin on 071 227 5740.

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