BABALAS: Justin Bieber performing at the V Festival in Chelmsford

Beliebers were die moer in after the pop star rocked up babalas at a gig in the UK, and mimed his way through the show.

Justin Bieber even admitted to being hungover at the V Festival at Hylands Park in Chelmsford after jolling the night before with Rihanna.

One fan tweeted: “Loved #VFestival, but #JustinBieber was the worst performer I’ve ever seen live  miming 95% & terribly. Lazy, disappointing & insulting(sic).”

Another posted: “I ain’t paid £80 for a ticket to his tour to listen to his CD and see him run around the stage.”

Justin, 22, had spent the night before the gig, partying with Rihanna at Tape nightclub in London.

He admitted on stage: “I’m a little hungover, I’m not gonna lie. You guys don’t like to fake anything in the UK, which I respect.”