Nigel Pierce
Radio jock Nigel Pierce is officially unemployed.

Good Hope FM on Tuesday released a statement confirming their afternoon Drive Show DJ’s contract will not be renewed and that he has been taken off air “with immediate effect”.

“The SABC can confirm that Nigel Pierce will no longer be on air on Good Hope FM, following Nigel Pierce breaching his contract and bringing the SABC into disrepute on social media platforms,” the statement read.

“Nigel Pierce’s contract was originally supposed to end on 31 March 2019 with his last day on air being 29 March 2019.

“However, following the breach of contract by Nigel Pierce, the station was left with no choice, but to part ways with Nigel Pierce with immediate effect.”

It has not yet been revealed who will take Nigel’s place, and Good Hope said it will “communicate in due course the presenter who will take over the afternoon Drive Show”.

On Friday, Nigel whose real name is Gavin Goliath, went on social media blasting the station after it apparently handed him a letter terminating his employment in front of staff, and locked him out of the SABC studios.

Listeners were taken by surprise when the popular jock did not go on air on Friday afternoon for his regular 3pm to 6pm slot.

STATEMENT: SABCs confirmation of termination

Nigel posted several videos on Instagram on Saturday, in which he aired his alleged mistreatment at GHFM.

He rekked his bek about “sexual innuendo allegations” against him, how he was “belittled” at staff meetings, complaints that he was only giving “10%” on the job, and that fellow DJs “had a hand” in his dismissal.

But after demanding answers from management, he has since gone silent online.

He did not answer his cellphone or respond to text messages on Tuesday, and his lawyer, James Foxcroft, said they “had no comment at this point”.

Nigel said he was taking a “sabbatical” to travel and read and said he had already received “several offers” from rival radio stations.

Fans have reacted with outrage to Good Hope’s Facebook statement, threatening to leave the station in droves.

Mughseen Karbelker wrote: “Good bye Goodhope FM, will be leaving this page and joining KFM.”(sic)

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Chad Hull wrote: “‘Bring the SABC into disrepute’, you guys and the SABC are doing a pretty good job of that on your own.”

On Tuesday, all the station’s presenters had a hand in keeping the Drive Time show running.

A source says this will continue until the new afternoon drive time presenter is announced.

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