A local music legend, who has had a great impact on the Cape Town entertainment scene, is to be honoured in a tribute show about his life.

Singer Toyer Abrahams, 56, from Athlone played a major role in the development of many artists over the past 40 years, some of whom are now living abroad because they found work there through music.

Toyer’s nephew, Aziz Schroeder, is the producer and mastermind behind the production and says he is honoured to do the tribute show while Toyer is still alive.

“We want to honour Toyer not only as his family but as a community of musicians he moulded,” says Aziz.

“It’s because of him that I am a sound technician and producer today, he taught me all the ropes.”

Aziz says even though Toyer lost a leg due to illness, he still performs and invests in his community: “Two years ago, his leg was amputated, it didn’t get him down and he still continued working with artists to better their skills.”

Toyer is currently in a wheelchair and still performs at events and records in his home studio.

The man with the “one in a million voice” used to mentor popular boy bands like Dejavu, Limited Edition and The Boys.

He tells the Daily Voice that he is grateful to be able to attend the show.

“Usually they do these things for people when they’ve passed on, but I’m blessed to be here and witness this,” says Toyer.

IT’S AN HONOUR: Aziz Schroeder, Nadia Isaacs, Uzayr Boltman with the legend, Toyer

“I have been through hard trials in my life, but I am still standing.”

Aziz will be playing the role of Toyer and Uzayr Boltman will play the role of Toyer as a child.

“I look exactly like my uncle,” says Aziz, showing off his portly figure. “So I was the best person to play his role.”

Toyer adds: “If you close your eyes and hear Aziz sing, you’d think it’s me.”

Nadia Isaacs will play the role of Toyer’s ex-wife, Zurenah.

Also on the bill are Soli Philander, Ruth and Dennis Maart and Dr Peter White.

The show takes place at the Joseph Stone Auditorium from 19-21 October.

Reserved tickets cost R150 and unreserved is R120.

For tickets, call Waggieda on 076 1702 062 or Zaghrah on 078 515 8550.

Proceeds of the show will go toward the District Six Working Committee, who is gearing up for their land restitution court battle between land claimants and government regarding.

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