STEP: Lauren-Lee van Rheede’s second single out

A Cape Flats songbird who made a name for herself with a parody music group, Woman2Woman, and their lagbol music videos, shows that she’s a serious musician.

Lauren-Lee van Rheede from Blackheath released her second single last month and says she is now ready for a solo career.

Lauren-Lee, 25, started singing at the age of 12 in her grandfather’s church but went professional when she started studying at the Cape Music Institute in 2013.

She was part of the trio, Woman2Woman, whose video parodies of hits like Beyonce’s Irreplaceable went viral.

In 2018, one of the ladies, Anray Amansure, left the group to pursue a career in education.

This left Lauren and Felicity Kieran as the only remaining members.

“We haven’t decided what is going to happen to our group yet; do we continue or do we end it?”

Lauren-Lee’s single, titled Want Your Love, is described as an R&B pop song.

POWER TRIO: Woman2Woman

“My past experiences inspired the song. Like how we sometimes see ourselves in a bad way or things that we don’t like about ourselves, having low self-esteem,” she says.

“I wrote the song to inspire myself and others to love and think positively about ourselves.”

Lauren-Lee has worked with various musos and is set to perform at the Jazzathon this weekend.

She also hopes to perform with Jill Scott in future.

Her music is available on all major digital platforms including iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

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