Nigel Pierce has blasted Good Hope FM

Grootbek radio presenter Nigel Pierce has blasted Good Hope FM after they apparently handed him a letter terminating his employment in front of staff, and locked him out of the SABC studios.

Listeners were caught by surprise when the popular jock did not go on air on Friday afternoon for his regular 3 to 6 pm drive slot.

Nigel, whose payoff line is “I never can say goodbye”, wasn’t about to go down without a fight and decided to spoel his bek on social media.

In a series of videos posted to his @nigelpierce account on Instagram over the weekend, Nigel said he was told he was an “unnecessary risk to the brand and reputation of GHFM and the SABC”.

And he questioned how he could be in “breach of contract” if he’d refused to sign a confidentiality letter.

He explained: “Wednesday morning at 10 am, I went in for contract negotiations. I was told my contract would not be renewed. It had been renewed for 15 years, so there was a high expectation of permanency within that particular environment.

“I went on air at 5 o’clock on Wednesday afternoon, told listeners my last show would be March 29. I again told them on Thursday, nothing malicious.

“On Friday I got a note in the foyer of the SABC, saying my services are no longer required for the remainder of my contract.”

Nigel also rekked his bek about the station and their alleged treatment of him, saying:

  • He was accused of only giving “10%”, despite his show reflecting “double-digit growth”;
  • He was “belittled” at show meetings and was issued “veiled threats” about his future at GHFM;
  • He said he was told the station can’t pay him anymore;
  • He demanded audio evidence of his alleged “sexual innuendo transgression” and complaints from listeners;
  • He claimed his dismissal was “personal” and suggested that his fellow DJs “had a hand in it”. 

SABC spokesperson, Neo Momodu, said it was a normal, annual process for the broadcaster to review contracts of on-air talent.

Momodu said these decisions were guided by revenue, audience performance of the specific programmes or shows, return on investment and the strategic direction of the various SABC platforms.

For now, Nigel, who has been on the airwaves for 25 years and previously hosted Cape Talk’s breakfast show and Kfm’s afternoon drive slot, says he’ll be taking a “sabbatical”.

And although he says he’s already received offers of work from other radio stations, he’s decided to do some travelling and reading first.
Meanwhile, fans rallied behind Nigel on his Instagram account.

_andreabennett_ posted: “What’s @goodhopefm without Nigel Pierce? I only ever listened to that station because of u. @kfmza Pls employ Nigel so we can all move to your station. @goodhopefm your listenership is def going to now decrease. I need to now find a new station to listen to. Hope to hear u on one of them soon @nigelpierce” (sic)

ultramell wrote: “I think Heart should take him @heart1049fm ....there’s a few DJ they should rid of....” (sic)

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