Nommer 37 out on 1 June
Two of Cape Town’s hottest stars are teaming up to bring you the soundtrack to a kwaai new local movie made on the Cape Flats.

Last week we brought you an exclusive interview with Cape Town’s favourite on-screen skollie, Irshaad Ally, on his new role in the thriller, Nommer 37.

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Now, we can also reveal the actor has collaborated with SA’s no.1 lyricist, YoungstaCPT, for a new track produced for the movie, to be released in cinemas on 1 June.

The song, Dala Wat Jy Moet, speaks about the lengths one has to go to succeed in life, says Irshaad.

Irshaad, who hit the spotlight for his role in Four Corners, this time plays the lead role of Randall Hendricks in Nommer 37, set in the fictional Haven Mansion on the Cape Flats.

Nommer 37 looks through the eyes of a former petty criminal, who was left paralysed after he was shot.

He witnesses a murder, and tries to cash in by blackmailing the killer, but things go horribly wrong for him and his girlfriend.

Irshaad, 40, from Maitland, and YoungstaCPT, aka Riyadh Roberts, 25, from Kensington, hooked up to collaborate on the song.

“It’s the idea of doing what you’re supposed to do,” Irshaad says.

“The song tells you that if you have to go to school, go to school, or if you want to become a lawyer, taxi driver or teacher do what you have to do to achieve that dream.

“It’s the realisation or getting the will to see that it’s up to you to make the change.”

Irshaad adds he and Youngsta have a lot in common.

“Both our parents are teachers. We both come from a life of being a bad boy and then making it in the entertainment industry after those phases of our lives,” he says.

“Being involved in gangsterism taught us to be hard and, no, I’m not justifying gangsterism, but it’s our testimony.

“Now we literally want to motivate youngsters with the wisdom we have and make changes on the Cape Flats to tell people, ‘listen, you have to do something with your life’.

Irshaad Ally says he pitched suggestion to Youngsta

“I approached Youngsta with this song idea and he immediately agreed.”

Youngsta created the lyrics to the song and Irshaad comes in at the middle and end.

The song will be released on radio nationwide on Tuesday.

The Daily Voice got an exclusive teaser before the launch. Check it out on our website.

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