CAREER PATH: Karin Kortje,37,is shifting her life focus. Photo: Ronel Prins
Karin Kortje is back with a bang and is looking gorgeous doing it. The 37-year-old mother of four says she is ready to turn a new leaf and enjoy her new lease on life.

The former Idols SA winner recently had a make-over and says it’s a sign of happiness.

“I’m not 26 anymore, I’ve come to the realisation that myself and my kids have a bright future ahead and my focus will be set on improving myself at all costs,” she tells the Daily Voice.

“After all, I have a teenage son who says, ‘Mummy needs to look good at all times’,” she laughs.

After winning Idols in 2005, the former farmworker’s career skyrocketed, but in 2006, things took a dip when her ex, Cheslin Williams, was accused of murder and three years later convicted.

Karin has also gone through a divorce from her now ex-husband Shaundore Aspeling in 2015.

But, she says, those dark chapters are in the past and she hopes to tell people her life story through her motivational speaking.

“I’m not a professional motivational speaker, but I’ve become accustomed to speaking from my heart,” she says.

“The trials and tribulations I’ve been through have now become my testimony and I want this to be a lesson to others.”

She’s ready to start over with her four sons, aged four, nine, 10 and 16.

“They are my main focus right now. Oh, and I have a boyfriend who makes me very happy, ek’s mossie dood nie,” she laughs.

Karin is also hosting a show with Camillo Lombard, called The Diva and Maestro Collaboration, at the Baxter Theatre, which will be running from 20-23 June.

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