TO THE BEAT: Limited Edition are going places

These drummer boys are living proof that your circumstances do not dictate your future, and now they’re taking their beats to the world.

Limited Edition, the Cape Flats drummers who need no introduction, have been hand-picked to perform at the Dubai Police Graduation Ceremony on 23 December.

The group shot to fame in 2010, when they made it to the top three on SA’s Got Talent. Their stunning coordinated performances earned them a standing ovation every week.

The competition was won by another Capetonian, opera singer James Bhemgee.

The group of 15 members will be jetting off to the United Arab Emirates on 23 December and return home on 10 January.

Hailing from Mitchells Plain, Manenberg, Ken- sington and Delft, Limited Edition members say they are ready to represent their country overseas.

But their trip almost didn’t happen when the drummers suffered a sad loss in September.

They were silenced after their drums were stolen from a member’s house in Manenberg.

Director Ismail Sampson says the band took a heavy beating because the members are unemployed and depend on gigs for income.

“What would we be without our drums, this is our bread and butter,” he says.

“I’m a farmer and I sell plants to help sustain us as a band. Losing the drums was a heavy blow, but we pressed on and had faith.”

Their faith paid off because just last week, a generous donor, Elsabie van Zyl from Spar in Philippi, gave the band 10 new drums, making it possible for them to continue their dream to perform in Dubai.

“We are so grateful for these drums, now we can make our trip possible,” says a happy Ismail, adding that they’ve been working hard for the upcoming show.

“Our act consisted of highly skilled energetic drumming with high tempos, and stick juggling with a special rendition of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, as well as the World Cup 2010 hit Waka Waka by Shakira.

The band’s original coach Yaggie Sampson, 42, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2014, and feels honoured his dream is being kept alive.

“When I started this band, I had big dreams of performing on big stages to the world. I might not be able to physically coach anymore but I support and direct them verbally throughout practices. Seeing this Dubai trip taking place is a dream come true.”

To book the band for gigs, you can contact Ismail on 074 684 0447 or email [email protected]

[email protected]

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