DUEL: Danny K and Helen Zille clashed on Twitter. Photo: Supplied and ARMAND HOUGH/INLSA

A salty Premier Helen Zille has advised singer Danny K to get “some spelling lessons” after he urged South Africans on Twitter to tackle racism and white privilege.

Danny ruffled many “All Lives Matter” feathers on Friday after he tweeted that “not enough white people call out racism”.

In a series of tweets, the Hurt So Bad singer said even if it’s uncomfortable, whites should have courage and call out their own.

The All Lives Matter brigade, along with Afrikaans singer Chris Chameleon, snapped back at the singer with such gems as “Hi Danny - retweet this but now replace white with black” and “Danny, racism is rampant on both sides of the colour spectrum.”

Danny replied: “I’m totally bewildered with the lack of empathy shown by many white South Africans. You don’t need to be woke to get that for the most part we have benefited from the marginalisation and exclusion of people of colour. Own your priveldge [sic], appreciate it and pay it forward.”

It was then that Zille stepped into the fray, opting to point out the singer’s spelling mistakes.

“You need some spelling lessons,” she tweeted.

Danny K shot back: “When @helenzille ignores a plea to call out racism, appreciate privilege and chastises you over spelling. Really!?”

Zille denied that she was ignoring calls to end racism, and tweeted: “‘Identity politics’ (that turns ‘whiteness’ into the source of SA’s problems) is just another manifestation of this disease. Most white people I associate with are working hard to make SA a better place for all.”

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