LAGBOL: Emo Adams shows Daily Voice emojis in St. George’s Mall

Cape  Flats comic Emo Adams het gister oorgevat in die Kaap.

The popular entertainer caused quite a stir when he cornered mense in St. George's Mall in the city to answer questions for a new segment on his TV programme, Jou Show met Emo, on DStv channel 144.

When the Daily Voice reporter wanted to vis uit about Emo's second child, a baby boy, born three weeks ago, the star turned the tables and interviewed her instead.

Yesterday, Emo wanted to know from people whether they truly understand the meaning of emojis popularly used in social media.

His production team showed mense large flashcards with emojis, with the correct meaning written on the back.

The Daily Voice reporter managed to get a few right, had trouble identifying two and blurted out a rather inappropriate answer to the brinjal emoji, which she told Emo reminded her of a meme about the Fifty Shades Darker movie.

The meme showed two cucumbers left behind in a cinema.

The caption read: “Cucumbers left behind after Fifty Shades Darker premiere. There were no bite marks.” It is underscored with a row of brinjal emojis.

“The look on your face when I showed you that emoji was priceless!” the comedian laughed.

After having his fun, Emo chatted a little about his wife, Michelle's, future plans.

The couple already have a little boy, Kadar Zayn, aged one, who was named after the late singing legend, Zayn Adams.

         EXCITED: Emo and wife, Michelle, with Kadar Zayn, who now has a baby boetie

Emo did not want to reveal the name of his new son, but said he liked "cool names, like Gabieba".

“It sounds kwaai, man. Imagine you’re meeting the CEO of a company and her name is Gabieba,” he jokes.

He did reveal that the name is "something significant", like that of Kadar Zayn.

Emo says Michelle will be launching a new blog soon.

“My wife has started a new mommy blog, a tale of all she has gone through and it’s all extremely honest.

“Along with her blog she will release her pregnancy photo shoot, and our baby’s name,” he says.