BIGGEST POCKET: P Diddy earned R1.6 billion this year

Forbes report that P Diddy has earned a staggering £102 million (R1.6 billion) this year and it’s all down to the US star’s hard work.

Flogging part of his Sean John clothing line, his US tour and a big money deal with a vodka company have pushed up the zeros on his bank balance.

He’s a shock front runner as last year he was down at number 22 in the publication’s annual list.

Hot on his heels is Beyoncé, who was ranked second in the poll with earnings of R1.3bn, closely followed by JK Rowling who made R1.2bn.

Queen Bey’s husband Jay-Z is nowhere near as loaded as his vrou, according to Forbes, with his earnings keeping him down at number 55.

            RYK COUPLE: Jay Z, Bey

Kylie Jenner made her debut on the rich list and is the youngest celebrity to be named.

Coming in 59th place, the 19-year-old’s new E! deal for a reality show and her incredibly successful make-up line launch have seen her earnings rocket.

Drake came fourth in the list, with R1.2bn, with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in fourth (R1.1bn), The Weeknd in fifth (R1.1bn) and shock jock Howard Stern in sixth place with R1.1bn.

Chris Martin’s band Coldplay came in eighth with a total of R1.1bn, while author James Patterson was close behind on R1.1bn.

Basketball star LeBron James came tenth, with earnings of R1.1bn – thanks to his enormous Cleveland Cavaliers salary.

Adele – who many expected to top the list – was placed at eighteenth.