RELEASED: Elite: Dangerous

Fight, trade and hunt your way across a giant galaxy of billions of star systems in Elite: Dangerous. 

You can make money from trading goods between the many star systems, by destroying pirate ships (and collecting bounty), or even by attacking traders and collecting their cargo (which in turn will get a bounty on your head!).

Space is big and empty, dotted with small points of brilliant light. Elite: Dangerous is much the same way: it can at times be boring or mundane, as much of it is spent flying from point A to point B. 

Thankfully, whether you’re soaking in the cosmos around you, banking large sums of credits from a well-planned trading haul or surviving a harrowing encounter with space pirates in dazzling ship-to-ship combat, this speletjie has plenty to keep you enthralled to come back. And when those long-haul sessions become too much, Arena mode is there to inject some much-needed action at a moment’s notice.