Jinne, it’s nogal naar of SABC3 to keep giving us shows set in lekker warme weather while we are in the middle of winter, né!

In Top Chef: All-Stars at 8pm, the contestants are still lamming it uit in the Bahamas.

OK, we admit, these mense actually do seem like they are working hard.

If you can call living large and making kos for a reality show “hard work”.

Still, dit lyk nogal stressvol!

This week the chefs have to actually go dive in the ocean to catch their main ingredient.

Mense, we probably need to look in on the gedoentes in Die Laan.

Aggie needs to make a groot decision about whether or not to accept Vince’s offer on 7de Laan, SABC2 at 6.30pm

Xander and Vanessa maak nuwe maatjies... we wonder how long this will last, these two seem doomed to have trouble in their lives forever.

And Tarryn’s secret comes out. Ag please, we all saw it coming that Pulane would find this out!

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