SHARP: Trevor Noah, The Daily Show

Trevor Noah has made his mark as the host of The Daily Show, and is such a massive fit that mense forget he’s not American.
So when one follower, Francis J. Folz Jr., called the South African funny man a “Hollywood elitist”, het hy gou sy bek gerek.

It’s no secret Trevor’s satirical take on American and global politics isn’t going to sit well with everyone.

Folz Jr. decided to question him about seemingly being “biased” like other “Hollywood elitists”.

Trevor quickly set the follower straight, tweeting “I’m from Soweto, not Hollywood”.

The guy was clearly not ready for Trevor’s sharp yet stinging reply and went on to explain himself.

“I’ve watched Trevor’s show, so I know he’s from South Africa. My freshman year of college I wrote an essay about South African apartheid and how heroic Nelson Mandela was. But yeah, you’re right, I probably couldn’t even point to South Africa on a map,” he said.

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