ROCKY: Big Sean, Jhené Aiko
Social media platforms are going bos as rumours spread that rap artist Big Sean cheated on his girlfriend, singer Jhené Aiko.

The speculation started after fans noticed Aiko unfollowed the hip-hop rapper on Instagram, then re-followed him later.

Aiko’s actions may have sparked fan theories about the rapper’s alleged jolling, due to Aiko being on tour in Pacific Asia, and apparent sightings of Big Sean following dancer and singer Nicole Scherzinger on Instagram.

Aiko and Big Sean have been together for over four months, following Aiko’s divorce from ex-husband, Dot Da Genius.

But it could be a case of what goes around for Aiko.

Twitter CSI responded to the alleged cheating rumours by pulling receipts on previous claims she cheated on her ex with Big Sean before she filed for divorce at the end of 2016.

One tweet reads: “Jhene cheated on her man to get with Big Sean... and then Big Sean cheated on Jhene... I mean don’t PEMDAS cancel it out??? (sic)”

@SaiyanAndrew tweeted: “Big Sean cheating on Jhene Aiko after she got a whole tattoo of his face on her arm, proves that the only thing that’s real is J. Cole going double platinum with no features.(sic)”

Aiko dissed the jolling rumour tweeting mense got it wrong. Big Sean later retweeted, quoting Aiko’s tweets with two applause emojis.