Soccer star Frank Lampard and his wife Christine have upped security after an intruder tried to get into their London home.

The couple are said to have been left “shaken and terrified” by the intrusion. It is the third time someone’s tried to break in.

They were not at their West London home when an unnamed man was spotted in the grounds of the £10 million (R172m) property in “broad 

Thankfully for Christine and Frank - who has daughters Luna, 12, and 10-year-old Isla with former fiancée Elen Rivas - the intruder was confronted by their nanny. Their dog also helped to scare the skurk off.

A source told The Sun newspaper the nanny saw the man on CCTV and “bravely went outside. She shouted, and Christine’s dog, Minnie, made a racket which helped scare him off.

“It has still left them shaken and terrified, especially Christine.”

A security guard friend is helping the Lampards make their property safer.

A neighbour said: “Frank’s house was broken into two or three weeks ago.”

And 10 years ago the former Chelsea player was targeted by skelms, who stole an Aston Martin and a Mercedes, and a number of other items, including a £5 000 (R86 000) stereo.

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