DON'T COPY!: Jay Z and Beyoncé
A kaalgat Beyoncé parading on a bike with hubby Jay Z is the promotion plug for their On The Run ll tour.

But mense are accusing Queen Bey of copying Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West’s Bound 2 motorbike scene.

Kim and Bey were dik pelle, but that was when their husbands were still in a bromance.

To promote the tour, a sequel to their 2014 one, Bey has stripped naked to ride a bike behind her husband - similar to how nude Kim and clothed Kanye appeared in his 2013 hit song.

The black and white cover art shows mum-of-three Beyoncé - who doesn’t seem to be wearing anything - standing up on the bike behind Jay, who wears a black T-shirt and gold chain.

Her long blonde hair falls over her boobs, and her hands are placed over Jay’s chest for support.

ORIGINALS: Kim Kardashian, Kanye during the Bound 2 music video

In one shot, she looks directly at the camera with her mouth open, while in another she covers her mouth with Jay’s shoulder.

Kanye’s music video for Bound 2 also had a blonde vrou - Kim - appear naked on a bike with her clothed husband, but Bey and Jay aren’t quite as adventurous as their on/off enemies, who simulated sex on their bike.

Picking up on the similarity between Bey and Jay’s OTR ll cover art and Kimye’s sexual motorbike video, fans have dissed Beyoncé and Jay Z.

One tweeted: “Kanye West and Kim shot a video on a motorcycle before this Jay Z Beyoncé pic look played. (sic)”

And another said: “Kanye & Kim did it better.”

The couples used to be tight, with Jay counting Kanye as one of his rap protegees, but they fell out in 2016 when Jay stopped calling Kanye after his public breakdown.