AANIE BRAND: Alistair Izobell and cast at rehearsal for Remembering the Lux at the Baxter

It’s time for a jol down memory lane because the cast of Remembering The Lux are back!

The show was a sold-out hit when it debuted at the Baxter Theatre in December last year.

The musical is a tribute to the Luxurama Theatre in Wynberg which was built in 1963 and was sold last year for R5.5 million to the Darun Nai’m Institute For Higher Islamic Learning.

Musical director Alistair Izobell says he and the cast are back due to popular demand.

Alistair and actors Loukmaan Adams, Terry Fortune, Leslie Kleinsmith, Giempie Vardien, Niesha Abrahams, Nur Abrahams, Terry Hector, and Kashiefa Blaauw have reunited to bring you the magical if tragic story of the Lux.

The lagbol cast is a close-knit family, who have worked together on many occasions over the years.

Niesha, known as the Kaap’s Shirley Bassey, says: “This time round I feel like I’m more myself. I know the show and I can truly be comfortable.”

She’s formed a close bond with singer Kashiefa  the two have duets together and are the roses amongst the thorns.

Kashiefa says: “I’ve learnt so much from everyone, and of course things I didn’t know about the Lux. Like I never knew it had a revolving stage!”

Nur agrees and says: “My memories are from the 90s Lux and then I learnt that there’s a bigger history and people like (UK singer) Dusty Springfield performed there.”

Alistair says it’s been nice to see the older cast members return.

“What I love is that the older cast members have come back with this bravado, like, nee ons ken die (attitude),” says Alistair.

Loukmaan agrees and says: “I knew it would be a success but I didn’t realise how much the audience would enjoy the experience and respond so honestly.”

Alistair says he knows of mense who came to see the show more than four times: “Every time they would bring other people to see it.”

He adds: “When you’re doing a re-run, you are bringing people to an experience and people want to relive that moment in the original Luxurama and also when they first saw this show.”

Remembering the Lux returns to the Baxter Theatre from 25 August to 17 September.

Ticket prices range from R140 to R160, and are available from Computicket and at the Baxter.