Clint Brink is gearing up to release new music and spread some love this Valentine’s Day.

Most of you may know him as Dr Steve Abrahams on the soapie Binnelanders, but the actor also has a passion for music and writes his own songs.

The 38-year-old is married to former Miss Namibia 2015, Steffi van Wyk, who is a strength and conditioning coach.

Clint has teamed up with The Sequence Band to produce a four-track EP called The ELOV8 Project and says: “ELOV is actually (an anagram of) the word LOVE and 8 symbolises infinity, so it’s ‘love infinity’.

“I was moved and inspired by gratitude for what God has blessed me with thus far in my life. So by means of celebrating that gratitude, I decided to record some music with young musicians I met while performing in PE.

“Together we elevate one another to a better, more fulfilled experience of living.”

Clint and the band started recording the music in July last year and will drop new music on 14 February.

“These songs are dedicated to everyone who has been in love. Some people think Valentine’s Day is a money-making scheme, others think it’s cute and indulges in the feeling of it. Either way, everyone chooses to celebrate themselves in their own particular way on Valentine’s Day,” he says.

“I choose to celebrate mine by sharing our love for music with everyone.”

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