Don't expect to see any baby BonAKA's any time soon.

They are one of the most attractive celeb couples in Mzansi, but don’t hold your breath for any cute babies from AKA and Bonang Matheba.

Fans, who go into a frenzy every time the loved up couple post a pic, are undoubtedly waiting for the rapper and TV personality’s big day.

But Queen B has just thrown cold water on all our expectations.

The beauty recently revealed that she does not plan on having kids anytime soon, if ever.

“If I ever have a child, which is never, I know the right spot for a baby shower,” Bonang told her Metro FM co-hosts.

When asked if she wants to be responsible for another human being, Bonang said that her little brother is more than enough for her to handle at the moment.

“I have a little brother, I am good,” she said.