MAGIC MOMENTS: Bianca and husband David Johnson

Bianca le Grange is “almost ready” to be a mommy.

The 34-year-old beauty is married to actor and TV host David Johnson, and they have been managing a “long distance marriage” for the past few months.

“Right now David is here with me in Johannesburg, but we are just too busy [to start a family],” says Bianca.

She’s coming back to Cape Town next month when the stage production Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat moves to Theatre on The Bay.

Bianca says: “I can’t wait to come back home, I miss that mountain air.”

She says although they are now in the same city, she and David are still like “two ships passing each other in the night”, but they do get magic moments together.

“I think the long absences is actually a good thing, because then when we reconcile it’s to die for,” Bianca jokes.

And she says her mom has advised her to start a family soon, as her biological clock is ticking.

My ma sê ek moet my eggs freeze, but I dunno, hey,” says Bianca.

But she adds: “David wants to start a family and I think when this contract is over, next year, I think we will be more serious about it.”

“I’ve had a good 14 years in the industry and the time is coming closer and closer to focus on starting that family.”

Meanwhile, the actress and singer says the musical is taking its toll on her.

“The show is tough on me, I’m not going to lie,” she admits.

Ek kannie net my Whitney Houston gooi nie, it must be clean and exactly in the musical style.”

On the other hand, it could be the audience is min gespin about vocal perfection, and rather came for the eye-catching and revealing, costumes, she jokes.

“It’s true to that Egyptian style and the original production.”

Bianca reveals that some Joburg mense have even walked out of the show because things can get quite heated on stage.

But there are more lovers than haters, it seems.

“The show is completely sold out and there have been people who have come back several times to see it, so the Cape Town run is going to be just as great,” she adds.