DRAMA: This Means War on e.tv at 8.30pm

Luckily e.tv has the perfect bubblegum bol for you – This Means War at 8.30pm.

A fliek about two CIA agents and BFF’s who find out they are actually dating the same woman.

Nou vra ek jou met trane in my at least you can look at some of Tinseltown’s mooiste mense – Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy.

If the sound of that makes you want to mamok, rather get down with some Mzansi flavour with Generations: The Legacy, SABC1 at 8pm.

Mazwi refuses to be outdone by his broertjie, and Zach almost wets himself when Lucy puts a knife to his throat.

And in Broken Vows, also at 8pm, but on e.tv, a death close to Chris makes Azania see her husband in a new light.

And there’s always 7de Laan, SABC2 at 7pm, where onse soet seun Vince is once again pretending to be a dik ding and this time around he’s saying he won’t forgive and forget.

Sounds like he’s tired of everyone in Hillside walking all over him In the meantime Vanessa finds herself in a difficult position.